“I love that you post about struggles that many of us also struggle with and then bring it back to Christ and how He can help us through our struggles! So thankful for you and your open heart. You are a blessing!” ~ Sonya Godfrey


“You share your heart and struggles so others, like me, don’t face them alone. I wake up and it seems like when I read what you have written for the day, God says, “Here you go friend, words of wisdom from someone who knows what it feels like.” Thanks, Carolyn, for sharing with all of us. I know I am never alone– whatever I am walking through. Love you!” ~ Christi Lurk


“Continue in your ministry. You’re my hero. Continue your mission for Christ.” ~ Larry Finney


“I always anxiously await your posts! Good word!!” ~ Bekah House


“The inspiration you have shared is the truth God shares with you! Your love and learning are an inspiration. The fact that you share your victories and your struggles is the true walk that people are inspired by. May you continue to be strengthened by God’s truth. Love you and your heart.” ~ Leah Edwards


“Thanks for the pep talk! You speak truth!” ~ Nancy Rooks


“Thank you, Carolyn, its hard to turn off that negative talk but your posts always fill me with hope and inspiration!” ~ Frank Fiacchino


“Through your jouney so many others will be walking beside you. Myself included. Thank you, Carolyn, for speaking the words God wanted me to hear.” ~ Rhonda Hull


“As always, thank you, Carolyn, Jesus speaks to me through your words.” Nancy Ann Frasier


“Thank you for your words and your transparency! God is truly blessing me and so many others through you!” Kathryn Jones


“Good grief…you say what I need to hear!” ~Cassandra Bray


“Thank you! God’s word straight to all of us who needed this!” ~ Ashley Holt


“Dang girl this is so good! The moment I read it I just couldn’t help but be blessed by how personal God is, and I love how transparent YOU are in sharing like this! Blessed the socks off of me! Love ya sister and you ARE Beautiful inside and out!” ~ Betsy Berry 


“Carolyn, you need to write a book of all your beautiful insight and wisdom! I just love you!!” ~ Stella Stevens


“God always speaks to me through you! Thank you for sharing what God puts on your heart!” ~Doug Gabriel


“This is exactly what I needed to hear! You are such an encouragement to me! I have to admit I have wanted to give up at times, but in my situation that would be giving up on life. Keep up the good work!” ~ Angela Sieg


“Carolyn, I just want you to know that I absolutely love your blog and that many times I feel like you have written it to speak directly to me…I needed this today…so thank you for doing what you do!” ~Jamie Roberts


“You opened up a can, a can of kindness.  I just love you so.  Through the years since I’ve known you, I’ve harnessed my inner Carolyn Hill many times. Recently the guy who changed the locks on our house was SO grouchy. I wanted to be grouchy back, but I opened up a can of Carolyn and by the end of his work, I had him laughing. Thanks for always choosing the high road.” ~ Jen Cooper


“I subscribed! When I was off of Facebook for 7 months, your encouraging posts were 1 of the few things I actually missed.  Now I won’t have to even miss those if I don’t check FB regularly!”~ Paula Bronn


“Your writings encourage and motivate me to continually draw closer to God! Thank you!” ~ Melissa Snyder


“If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to read Carolyn’s blog, start today! She has not only been blessed with a heavenly voice she uses to give honor and praise to God, but He has also blessed her with the gift of expression where she writes from her heart. Take a few moments today and read her blog…you can even sign up to receive them regularly. And then, you can share this with your friends and family! Gifts are meant to be shared, and this is my gift to ya’ll” ~ Pat O’Sullivan


“Carolyn, I appreciate your honesty and vulnerability. In you I see a true worshiper. Keep stepping forward.” ~ Kristin L. Hanley


“What a gorgeous story you are telling.  This is what a hero’s journey looks like, girl.  Thanks so very much for your vulnerability.” ~ Tami Griffith


“You have NO idea how much I needed this!  Thank you for posting! Love your spirit!” ~ Yamonica Jimmerson


“I sure love your messages…I needed to read this…I totally relate!” Kelly Skoglund


“Thank you Carolyn for your post today! We needed this today! Thank you Lord Jesus!” ~ Travis Spratt


“You continue to warm my heart through your beautiful experiences.” ~ Janis Hogan


“Your writings are so uplifting, inspirational, AND educational on God’s word. Beautiful message! What a wonderful representative of HIM you are! Keep writing girl!” ~ Marie Claire Carignan


“You always seem to write exactly what I need to hear. Thank you.” Michele Jackson


“This was so encouraging-thank you for sharing!  A night of intense ministry and spiritual warfare has left our hearts a bit bruised- God’s promises are SO true and He is SO faithful!! Love these verses!”~ Sara Hutchcraft


“In the midst of trouble in the face of fear…I will trust Him! Thank you, Carolyn, for speaking what my heart is feeling.” ~ Sandra Steele


“I love your honesty and vulnerability that you share.  I think for several of us that are blessed to call you friend…you truly are inspiring and God is SOOO present in everything about you!  I love you dear girl.” ~ Penny Loden


“I LOVE this!! I have tears as I sit here and read this!! So good! Thank you for sharing!” ~ Sara Pock


“You have a gift with sharing your faith!” ~ Linda Bishard


“You encourage me to stop and pray. I let my emotions lead far too often. Still learning James 1:20, “For the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God.” ~ Nann Flowers


“Carolyn, I love reading your posts–You are always a breath of fresh air–You are the kind of person that gives Christians a GOOD name.” ~ David Savage


“Carolyn, you have no idea what these do for me everyday. Thank you!” ~ Katy Gray


“I really, really needed this today. Thank you!! God is using you.” ~ Rosella Kasper


“The Holy Spirit is teaching us through your writings just how it’s done and growing your faith and ours as He once again proves faithful through your obedience!!! Thank you for teaching us vs.  just telling us!”  ~ Suzie York


“So wonderful to hear your testimonies and the work God is doing through you.  It’s amazing!! And is touching lives.” ~ Michelle Virgel


“Oh Carolyn! You are such an encouragement to me!! I love it that you fight back against negative thoughts with the word of God.  You are radiant with the love of Jesus!” ~ Diane Holly


“God is speaking through you to all of us where we live! Thanks for being so transparent.” ~ Sandy Gumm


“Your testimony really helped me put my struggle in the right perspective.  Thanks for keeping it real!  You can do it through His strength and so can I!” ~ Susan Periquet


“Carolyn, just knowing you struggle too speaks so loudly to my spirit.  Thank you!” ~ Mike Radford


“God is using His word in many hearts at the same time! Thanks so much for sharing!” ~ Eva Mabry Lee


“We just talked about being bold and courageous in our faith yesterday, and you did just that!!! We also discussed that God will give you just the right things to say!! And HE did that!! Thanks for sharing,  you are an encouragement to lots of people, including ME!! Thanks for sharing!!” ~ Teri Haynsworth Hurley


“Girl. Did you read my mail today??? How did you know exactly what I needed to hear?!” ~ Vivian Norman